International Medical Collection

International Medical Claims Reimbursement Assistance

Foreign patients receiving medical treatment in the US are often insured through travel medical insurance companies. The purpose of this insurance is to provide the traveling patient with the assurance that the medical provider treating the foreign patient will be fairly compensated for the treatment rendered. Another purpose of this insurance is to give U.S. medical providers the peace of mind of knowing they will receive fair payment for treatment rendered to a foreign traveler once the traveler leaves the U.S.

Irrespective of the insurance coverage purchased by the foreign patient, many travel health insurance companies delay payment, fail to pay a fair amount to the provider for the services rendered, or attempt to access contractual discounts available through managed care contracts negotiated for the benefit of domestic payors.

Our office has assisted U.S. medical providers in obtaining acceptable reimbursement for treatment rendered to foreign patients for more than 20 years. We utilize a tempered mix of negotiation, and when necessary, litigation, as well as a unique knowledge of the foreign travel health insurance industry to obtain acceptable reimbursements for foreign patient’s bills. We can do the same for you.