Hartley Law Offices, PLC
Timothy Hartley, Attorney

Commercial Litigation

When there is no other alternative, you will need an experienced litigator to protect your interests. Our offices have successfully represented parties in hundreds of commercial litigation matters over the past 25 years. A representative sampling of our various engagements include:
  • UCC litigation representing automobile finance companies over priority to chattel paper claims.
  • Successful representation of purchasers of fine art over competing claims to ownership of artwork.
  • Representation of Artists for enforcement of copyright protections and to obtain payment for works of art.
  • Successful defense of parties to commercial transaction against claims of fraud, misrepresentation, conversion and breach of contract.
  • Successful arbitration on behalf of health care systems to prevent unauthorized access by insurance companies to network discounts and recovery of improper discounts.
  • Successful representation of employees against Fortune 500 companies for unlawful discrimination and harassment claims.
  • Representation of employers and employees in enforcement of employment, non-competition, confidentiality agreements.
  • Successful representation of shareholders in a variety of shareholder disputes.
  • Successful representation of advertising agency against claim for tortious use of photograph.
  • Successful representation of photographer against large corporation for claim of breach of contract and violation of copyright laws.
  • Defense of Fortune 500 company in commercial landlord tenant action.
  • Successful representation of real estate contract purchaser for recoupment of contract deposit.
  • Successful representation of commercial tenant in dispute regarding restrictive use covenants.
  • Successful representation of condominium owners in dispute over enforcement of declaration of condominium.
  • Successful representation of commercial real estate landlord in eviction of commercial tenants.
  • Successful representation of automobile dealers in dispute over repossession of vehicle and enforcement of Retail Installment Sales Contract.
  • Successful representation of commercial mortgage lender in commercial mortgage foreclosure action.